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We had no idea this place was on the road ahead
of us.  Approaching from the east, first you notice
the huge field of boulders, then the big gap in
nearby Turtle Mountain where the rock evidently
fell from, and at length you arrive at the visitors
center.  We arrived at sunset when the center was
closed, but we learned the story from the posted
signs.  Early in the morning of April 29, 1903, the
eastern face of the mountain collapsed, burying a
portion of the town of Frank and killing 70 people
in an instant.  It was a surprise to learn that the
tragedy happened so long ago.  The field of rocks
looks undisturbed and the scar on the mountain
fresh - as if it had all take place yesterday.

This is a place where I plan to return and give more
time to than our flying visit allowed.


by Bob Kelly
Nye Beach
Turtle Mountain, which still today shows a big chunk missing out of it
Boulder field
Boulders close up - some are house sized
Little James - uncomprehending