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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Silverwoood is our favorite amusement and
waterpark that we've returned to each summer for
five years running.  It has scary roller coasters and
an extensive waterpark to keep my teens
entertained, as well as kiddie rides and a magic
show for my little one.

I have frequently recommended a visit to
Silverwood as an alternative to Disneyland.  It's a
far cheaper alternative for a Northwest traveler
and the crowds are never so bad that you can't
have fun.

Our favorite rides are the two giant wooden
rollercoasters (Tremors, which travels
underground through the gift shop, and the Timber
Terror), the Thunder Canyon raft ride (where you
are guaranteed to get wet), and the new six person
waterslide down Avalanche Mountain.

Silverwood advice:
1. To avoid crowds, visit during the first weekend
at the end of June when school first lets out,
mid-week during the summer, or in
mid-September.  In September, however, the
waterpark will be closed.  If you must visit during a
busy summer weekend, make sure to arrive half an
hour early at the gate before the park opens - for
at least an hour the rides won't be too crowded,
spend the busy afternoon at the waterpark, which
can handle big crowds, and return at dusk when
the crowd lightens.

2. The food in Silverwood is of very poor quality -
even in their sit down restaurants.  Bring a picnic,
leave it in the car, and plan to take an afternoon
break outside the park.  Some picnic tables are
provided by the parking lot.

3. You can buy discount tickets in advance at
Costco.  However, these tickets disappear about
mid-August.  The one time we visited in September,
I purchased some discount tickets from an
individual over Craigslist.org.  These turned out to
be discount tickets meant for employees.  I worried
that I had wasted my money, but at the gate we
were not questioned about them.

The juggler pictured here below seems to be on
the permanent staff.  We've seen him each of
these last five years, and he is quite funny and

Silverwood Theme Park

by Bob Kelly
Silverwood's roller coaster alley
The Junior Red Baron
Kiddie helicopters
Old fashioned ferris wheel
The Silverwood Official Juggler
Nye Beach