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I've visited this park several times over the years
from childhood on.  I went here with my girlfriend -
later wife - and her twin toddler nephews.  We sat
in a grassy field with a picnic spread out.  The view
was magnificent of the wide Strait of Juan de Fuca
and the distant Olympic Mountains.  The grass
ends abruptly at a cliff edge, so that we saw grass
then water without a transition.  It gave me a
strong sense of sitting at the edge of the world.

Pictured here is a more recent visit with my own
twin boys and their friend Joe.  I think the parking
lot and trail down to the beach is fairly new - or
else we missed it before.  Then we returned to the
familiar grass field, which was now brown, trampled
and full of skydivers getting ready to jump off the
cliff.  From here we followed the cliff's edge trail
that leads to some of the old artillery batteries
erected to keep us safe from the Canadians.

State Parks website
Fort Ebey State Park

Photo Album

by Bob Kelly
Nye Beach
Beach at Fort Ebey
Mountain and water view from Fort Ebey
The beach far below
Cliff top trail